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Cloud Acceleration Services

Take the guesswork out of transitioning your broadband network to the cloud

Deliver superior cost savings, seize new revenue opportunities, and increase agility through our comprehensive Cloud Acceleration Services portfolio. Our services team offers expertise and global reach that will enable you to realize your full SDAN potential.  

Cloud Acceleration Services help you deploy and operate end-to-end SDN-enabled broadband networks and use cases quickly and efficiently. Covering multivendor, multi-technology and hybrid virtual-legacy networks, our services are underpinned by automation, analytics, and both local and centralized expertise.    

When transitioning to a software-define access network (SDAN), the question operators are asking is: “How do we do it?” Each phase of a transformation presents operators with brand-new challenges or learning opportunities. The key ones are:

  • An upfront assessment that defines the transformation path and quantifies the benefits.
  • Rethinking how to build a network that sustains a hybrid SDAN environment, including new SDN-native and legacy elements, and making the most of new intent-based networking concepts
  • How to operate and continuously evolve the network using agile software delivery methods.

Nokia Cloud Acceleration Services portfolio builds on our expertise, proven methodologies and tools used with more than 65+ broadband transformation projects, to remove risks and ensure a smooth evolution path to SDN-enabled networking. The portfolio consists of:

  • Business and technology consulting services. Helping you to quantify your SDAN benefits, define your best evolution path and assist with technology evaluation.
  • System Integration services. Leveraging our experts, capabilities, tools, SDAN Integration and Migration Operations Centers, and DevOps to build and maintain your customized, multivendor, hybrid virtual-legacy SDAN solution. 

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