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Digital design and deployment

Derisk your deployment with nokia digital twin and the power of end to end

Efficient & faster 5G roll-outs with use case driven Digital Design & automation driven smart deployments, Nokia services offers to support you in your 5G journey by mapping it with our end to end services to take care of teething challenges right from the beginning.

Nokia Services provides:

  • Comprehensive network design for 5G use cases across all domains
  • Evolution of 4G-LTE technology while introducing 5G
  • Manage complexity with multivendor and legacy network integration
  • Efficient transition to 5G digital mode of operations
  • End to end Nokia services are ready to help you in your 5G journey regardless of your route to implementation (Standalone -SA & Non-Standalone- NSA)

Nokia services differentiation lies in working with you driven by your business outcomes. Our Digital design, for example, can help with accurate real-world modeling which is specifically tuned towards performance demands of the 5G use cases. The use cases vary in terms of the capacity, coverage, throughput, and latency required, making the design process highly complex. Some of the highlights of services are:

  • Automation of traffic forecasting
  • 5G candidate site selection based on network measurements
  • Automation of site candidate ranking for deployments

With network slicing features included later, our 5G Digital design will help in

  • Creation of digital twin for 5G use cases
  • End-to-end network slice design for latency and different KPIs

The next step is to take the design and translate it to implementing the infrastructure and Nokia’s digitization of services delivery for rapid rollouts is what benefits you. Imagine reducing the deployment lifecycle process by 15%, Site visit reduction by 30% and installation quality improvement by 30%



Optimized to prioritize business

Nokia’s digital design services are optimized to prioritize business today and in future

Facilitate rollouts

Digital deployments will facilitate flexible and efficient rollouts with transparency in every phase of the projects and future ready with multiple delivery models

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