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Thrilled to work together with the Diversity Lab to strive for more inclusion and diversity


2020 has been an extraordinary year so far. None of us could ever have anticipated the unprecedented events which have unfolded.

At Nokia, we are proud of our global efforts to stay connected and deal with everchanging challenges and priorities. Where possible, we are continuing to work from home and trying our best to juggle responsibilities as we navigate our way through to a new normal way of working.

One thing that remains constant and at the forefront of our minds is our long standing commitment to inclusion and diversity. Now more than ever, we celebrate diversity and our inclusive Nokia workplace and culture.

We ask all of our external legal partners and urge the entire legal community for their commitment to this vital objective.

We are partnering with Diversity Lab, an incubator for innovative ideas and solutions that boost inclusion and diversity in law, with experimental ideas and hackathons piloted in collaboration with top law firms and legal departments.

In past periods of financial crisis and adversity, many law firms and legal departments have reduced spend or deprioritised efforts in this area, however, we ask our legal partners to refrain from this and to continue to support and stand in solidarity with us in realising a key strategic priority not only for Nokia but our global Legal and Compliance team.

We would like to draw your attention to important initiatives such as Diversity Lab's "Mansfield Rule for Legal Departments 2nd Edition", a program named after Arabella Mansfield, the first woman allowed to practice law in the United States. This program aims to increase the representation of diverse lawyers in leadership by broadening the pool of lawyers who are considered for legal department job openings, high visibility opportunities, promotions and outside counsel representation.

We are excited to be part of a new programme which will see us trial the Mansfield Rule in our global Legal and Compliance department. Throughout this two-year program, we will share best practices with external stakeholders, implement new projects and track the achievements, all while collaborating with Diversity Lab to expand the program and certification to other global legal departments.

We are proud to be the innovators leading creative thinking in this field and thank you for your continuing support on this imperative topic.

Share your thoughts on this topic by joining the Twitter discussion with @nokia or @nokianetworks using #diversitylab

Nassib Abou-Khalil

About Nassib Abou-Khalil

Nassib Abou-Khalil has been Nokia CLO since August 2019. He joined Nokia in September 2014 as head of Legal & Compliance for the MEA region, later becoming General Counsel for Customer Operations and Deputy Chief Legal Officer, Business. Following the announcement of the acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent by Nokia, Nassib led the compliance integration planning work, developing and implementing the initial combined company's compliance program.

In addition to his legal work, Nassib is an outspoken advocate for inclusion and diversity, working closely with Nokia's LGBT+ employee resource group, EQUAL! An out leader himself, he took part in the launch of the OUT Leaders program at Nokia. Nassib is based in Finland and has lived in Lebanon, Canada, The Netherlands, Qatar and the UAE. In his spare time, he enjoys contemporary art, music including opera, and hiking in the countryside, particularly in the Alps.

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