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Subscriber data management

Boost your response times while reducing costs

Subscriber Data Management (SDM) is one of the most critical functions in telecommunication networks. With the arrival of 5G and the evolution to cloud architectures, managing all subscribers’ data and services efficiently has never been so essential to ensure an operator’s business profitability.

Nokia SDM is the solution. It complies with the 3GPP User Data Convergence standard to centralize user data into a single, robust and secure User Data Repository (UDR). The suite of Nokia front-end applications, such as our Nokia Registers solution for 2G/3G/4G/5G and IMS, our One-EIR and One-MNP, but also our AAA, PCRF and even third party applications, can then access the data from the shared register. The result is a central register with single point of provisioning, which saves costs and speeds up time to market dramatically when introducing new technologies or new services or when activating new customers – while also offering unparalleled scaling capabilities able to meet the most stringent requirements.

Evolving subsciber data management to the cloud


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