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Multivendor ONU connect

Remove one of the biggest headaches in every PON network: ONU interoperability

We know that OLT-ONU interoperability is a major pain-point for you.

Introducing a new ONU to a PON network can take 3 to 6 months to get right. 53% of our fixed network operators report increased internal testing or performance issues whenever a new ONU comes along. That’s why multi-vendor interoperability is the most important ONU selection criteria after price.

Nokia Multivendor ONU Connect addresses the root cause of your headache – the OMCI. With so many options and interdependencies in OMCI, each ONU vendor has his own interpretation of OMCI standards.

Through our Altiplano open framework, we have created the world’s first virtualized ONU management solution. vONU management decouples OLT and ONU software and puts ONU management in the cloud. This means you can have multiple versions of OMCI running in parallel. And that means you can have all kinds of ONU talking to a single OLT – Altiplano knows which OMCI stack to use and connects them.

ONU selection becomes risk-free: you can choose any ONU from any vendor, throw its OMCI code into the cloud, and away you go. This plug-and-play flexibility reduces OPEX and CAPEX costs and lets you deploy new services and innovations much more quickly.


Multivendor ONU Connect is another of our judicious applications of software-defined access (link no longer goes to asset) networks.

First, we…
Isolate the ONU management functionality from the OLT software, removing the dependency on OLT software deliveries for ONU features.

Next, we…
Virtualize ONU management as a virtual network function in the cloud. We instantiate to have multiple vOMCI versions running in parallel.

Then, you just…
Plug in, as we offer an open API framework for onboarding of 3rd party stacks. This makes integration simple. Anybody coding or scripting against x86 can deliver or update vOMCI stacks.

Benefits and features

Plug and play

  • Deploy new ONUs quickly and easily without OLT software upgrades.
  • ONU deployments will work and work fast without technical headaches.

Lower TCO

  • Reduce interop testing and ONU selection criteria to the bare minimum.
  • Increase agility in equipment inventory and supply chain.


  • Elastically scale your ONU management capacity (for mass reboots).
  • Upgrade software with minimal disruption.
  • Perform targeted trial and roll-out of ONU software (A/B testing).


  • No need to worry about ONU multivendor interoperability.
  • Any protocol, any concept and any OMCI interpretation can be managed.

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