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Habib Nouira

Habib Nouira

About Habib Nouira

Habib Nouira joined Alcatel in 1997, working as the architecture team leader for the GSM network management system. Until 2001, he participated to the system specification of the Operation, Administration and Maintenance functions of the W-CDMA network infrastructure equipments. He also represented the company at the 3GPP Service Architecture group during five years. In 2001, he joined the Product Management team where he was responsible of the network management and performance optimization product lines for the W-CDMA and WiMAX portfolios.

Since 2009, Habib is part of the wireless marketing team, working on the LTE product portfolio for several aspects including Performance Monitoring and Optimization, Self Optimizing Networks as well as the evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services.

Prior to his career in the wireless industry, Habib held various positions in the area of real-time software development including several project manager roles for the telecommunications industry.
He received his Master of Science degree in computer systems engineering and Bachelor degree in Physics from the University of Paris, France.

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