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Jerome Brouet

Jérôme Brouet joined Alcatel-Lucent in 1995 after graduating from Télécom Paris. During 8 years, as research engineer in the field of wireless communications, he contributed to the definition of advanced wireless solutions for data transmission over 2G/3G and WLAN, implemented in Alcatel-Lucent products and published in several international conferences and technical books. In 2004, he joined the Alcatel-Lucent Network Design department where he led the broadband wireless radio network design and the end-to-end mobile architecture and design teams. In that position, he also actively contributed to the Alcatel-Lucent broadband wireless strategy and to the definition of the Alcatel-Lucent offer for Packet based mobile backhaul. Since 2008, he joined the vertical market organization where he defines and manages Alcatel-Lucent portfolio for Public Safety which end-to-end LTE wireless solutions for security applications. He is also contributing to the TCCA/CCBA system architecture group.