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Marty Glapa

37 years of experience in Telecommunications, with a primary focus on cable networks, and access networks; leading network planning, modeling, and forward looking projects. Lead corporate interface to CableLabs® for participation in technical forums defining new cable industry architectures and specifications, and inter-operability event participation. Spearheading a next generation distributed intelligence and functionality access architecture/technology evolution and total cost of ownership analysis. Designed, developed and delivered multi-faceted strategic planning war-games that identified and proposed solutions to address network and business challenges, resulting in service provider acceleration of broadband deployments. Analyzed the application of wireless small cells to solve capacity and coverage problems in wireless networks based on operating spectrum. Led analysis investigating deploying a wireless network using macrocells, metrocells, and site sharing partnering. Researching a process and tool-set blending scenario planning with network and business modelling to address innovation challenges and major uncertainties, reduce risk, improve decision making, and stimulate innovation. Oversaw research and prototyping innovation initiatives tying network-based application programming interfaces with end-user device execution environments, resulting in first-ever proof-of-concept application demos of the kind.