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Tom Okrasinski

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Tom Okrasinski is a Senior Manager of the Product Environmental Engineering Group in Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell Labs Chief Technology Office. In his 20 years of experience at Alcatel-Lucent, he has been committed to the development of eco-sustainable programs and processes for product innovation and development. This includes product environmental life cycle assessment, energy efficiency improvement, eco-beneficial materials research & advancement, and eco-sustainability metrics development. Tom is co-leading a work group in the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative, an electronics industry consortium, to develop a simplified life cycle assessment methodology and estimator tool, and advance data collection for ICT products. He is also developing guidance documents for the World Resource Institute’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standards. The guidance will help practitioners assess greenhouse gas emissions from Information and Communication Technologies products and services over their life cycle. Prior to Alcatel-Lucent, Tom worked for Metcalf and Eddy as an environmental engineering consultant; and also with Exxon Research and Engineering in their synthetic fuels research. He has a Bachelors and Masters degree in civil engineering from Drexel University, and is a licensed professional engineer and planner.